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Rezzing prims in Second Life is easy if you use a permanent rezzing solution that is built-in to the client viewer.  However, what do you do when you have the need to rezz some prims temporarily just to see or demonstrate them?

At Alli&Ali Designs we have a set of scripts that allow you to build a temp rezzing system along with associated menu buttons for controlling the system.

The advantage of something like this is that it allows you to temporarily rezz a few prims on command, without having it affect your prim count or having to retrieve them manually from inventory each time you want to use them.

This is a perfect solution to rezz  objects in a distance of up to ten meters from the rezz base. You can build up to nine main menu buttons which lead to a submenu of ten item choices.


  • Items can be rezzed from menu selection.
  • Main- and submenus are configurable by notecard.
  • Rezzer gives menu on click (just put rezzer script in your place mat with the items to rez!).
  • Configurable timer for derezzing items (in the script).
  • Rezzer / Placemats can be copied and do not interfere with each other.
  • Menu is set to be used by anyone
  • Clear button allows to de-rez all items (of that same rezzer) at one click.
  • Rezzed prims do not count against the prim limit. (please make sure your sim owner allows the use of temp rezzer before using this!)
  • Option to use the rezzer with auto-clear of previous choices upon using the menu again, or alternatively without auto-delete.



  • Rezzer script, Rezzer script with no auto-delete, Object-To-Rez Script,  Menu configuration notecard, Transparency texture, Manual /License,  Landmark to Alli&Ali Designs.

The Temp Rezzer scripts can be found at our stores inworld at Wonderland Beach, and Long Beach.

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