Friday News – Four New Items on the Action Wall

A&A Who Hair 11 Colors

A&A Nelly Hair 11 Colors

A&A Alicia Shoes - Teal

A&A Alicia Shoes - Burgundy

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It is Friday again, and as usual, we have several new products available at 50% at the Action Wall for group members. Starting off, we have a new mens hairstyle (yay guys!) called Who.

You can guess who is the inspiration for this style, but you don’t have to just use this one in roleplay situations. It’s quite good for almost any activity or event, from casual to formal. This style is discounted at 50% for all Alli&Ali group members for one week only starting today at our mainstores (links below).

Next up we have a new womens hairstyle (which I love) called Nelly. This style is a medium length straight hair style, and is good for everything from business to social events. It too will be discounted at 50% off at our mainstores for one week for all Alli&Ali group members.

Finally, we have a new shoe style called Alicia. This is an open-toed pump and is made from sculpts. There are two versions in the Deluxe package, one with flowers on the upper, and one with a plain upper.

There are two colors for available, Teal and Burgundy (more coming soon). This is also discounted at 50% off for all Alli&Ali group members for one week.

The mainstores can be found at Wonderland Beach, Long Beach, and Bikini Beach.

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If you have any questions, contact Alice Klinger or Allison Selene inside Second Life, or send us an email by using our contact page.

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