Exciting News! Alli&Ali Designs Hair for Petites

Alli&Ali Designs Tekesha Hair Petites Edition Darkbrown
Alli&Ali Designs Tekesha Hair Petites Edition Darkbrown
Alli&Ali Designs Tekesha Hair 11 Colors Petites Edition
Alli&Ali Designs Tekesha Hair 11 Colors Petites Edition

We are pleased to announce the first set of our hairstyles made for the Petite avatars in Second Life. Here are the details.

This Petite Edition hair will only fit petites mesh avatars. It will not fit normal avatars. The hair was tested on the Fallen Gods Inc. Petites Elf mesh avatar. We cannot guarantee it will fit any other of the Fallen Gods avatars, but it will fit the Elf model. Please try demos before buying.

How to use:

  • Take a safety copy of your hair before you begin!
  • Wear the hair with your petite avatar. (attaches to skull)
  • Resizing should not be required.

Resizing (should not be necessary for the Elf model):

  • Click the hair to get the blue pop-up menu.
    You can resize by 10% smaller or bigger,or by 3% smaller or bigger.
    Just click the buttons to resize.
  • Toggle texture brightness:

  • Brightn. button allows to toggle full bright textures on the hair. Try out what you like best! To change the result, just click the button again.
  • Hints:

  • Make sure you are on land that allows scripts
    Make sure to NOT be in edit mode when clicking the hair
    Once you are satisfied with the hair size and fitting, you can click the hair and chose “Kill Script” from the menu.
    Be sure to have a safety copy though or to keep the delivery box because once scripts are killed you will not be able to use the menu anymore.
  • With any questions, contact Alice Klinger in Second Life or use or Contact page on this website

    The mainstores can be found at Wonderland Beach, and Long Beach.

    Join the Alli&Ali group on Second Life for new release notices, goodies, and specials!

    If you have any questions, contact Alice Klinger or Allison Selene inside Second Life, or send us an email by using our contact page.

    Visit our new mainstore in Second Life to find more hairstyles:

    The Mainstore

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