Winter Photo Contest Video

This video features the winning submissions for the Alli&Ali Designs Winter Photo Contest. Featured are (in alphabetical order):

[ul style=”arrow”]Amelie Fravoisse[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]Amoreashly Resident[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]Askfreud Nyn[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]CheriColette Resident[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]DuskyRose Deir[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]Jeriar Resident[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]Kaylin Pixelmaid[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]Pantyhose Slavicz[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]RoyaleSun Resident[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]Tywysoges Resident[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]UmmHmm Resident[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]WillowWynn Resident[/ul]

[ul style=”arrow”]Wulla Zabelin[/ul]



August Photo Contest


Photo Contest

Alli&Ali is having a special photo contest for all group members. The rules are quite simple and fun.

Everyone entering will be eligible to win one free Flat Rate Hair Membership for the next quarter (details on that part are included below).

Ten Grand Prizes will be given away. So let’s get right to it, here are the guidelines to play:

1. Take one or more photos of yourself wearing an Alli&Ali hairstyle in any location in Second Life.

2. Go to and upload your photo there.

3. In the body of the message tell us a bit about the picture and complete the sentence “I love to wear Alli&Ali hair because __________”

4. Be sure to include your avatar name, otherwise we won’t know who to credit or enter into the contest.

5. Submit!

6. That’s it!

The contest starts immediately and runs until August 25 2013 new date September 25 2013. Winners grant permission for Alli&Ali to use submitted pics in promotional material.


In world info can be found here.


Q: Can I enter adult rated pics?
A: For this contest, please keep them general or moderate.

Q: Can I enter more than once?
A: Yes, you may submit as many pics as you like.

Q: How much will this cost to enter?
A: Nothing. The contest is free to join.

Q: What is this prize? I never heard of Flat Rate?
A: Flat Rate is a special subscription model we offer four times a year. Members join for a flat rate and receive every hairstyle (in every color) we produce during the subscription period, which runs for three months. Winners of the contest will receive a free three month subscription.

Q: How is a winner determined?
A: Ten winners will be selected from the photos submitted. All participants are eligible.

Q: Will my photo appear in your video , your store, and on your website?
A: Please see the rules area.

Q: I have more questions, who can I ask?
A: If you have more questions, send them to Allison Selene.

Halloween Event: Witches Quest

The Witches Tower at Witches Forest
The Witches Tower at Witches Forest

Alli&Ali Designs is pleased to present some Halloween events for your enjoyment. This post is about the Witches Quest which is being held at our Witches Forest sim in Secondlife.

The theme for this event is:

The witch lives in a haunted house in sky, and there stores a magic potion. Your job is to take the path through Witches Forest and find the items in her Book of Shadows. Do that, and you will be rewarded. If you fail, the consequences are unknown.

Grab a free HUD and instructions from The Mage at the entrance. Come play the Witches Passion Quest… if you dare.

You can find the event here.

Winter Fashion Show Festival

Winter Fashion Festival Show at Short Beach in Second Life

Hi Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding the Winter Fashion Fesitival that will feature creative styling suggestions for the Winter season. After the show we will have a little party, and you receive style cards of each presented design,
as well as the option to purchase the styles at the event.

It will be great fun, so come and celebrate, see some great fashions, and listen to some great music!

The logistics for the event are as follows:

Date: 17 December 2011

Time: 2pm Second Life Time (Pacific Time)

Location: Short Beach Fashion Mall

The full womens hair catalog as of December 3rd can be found here

The full mens hair catalog as of December 3rd can be found here

We look forward to seeing you there!


Autumn Fashion Show Video

Thank you and a big shout out to all the people who attended and participated in the fashion show yesterday at Short Beach. It was fantastic! We’ll do another soon.

Fuschia Nightfire produced this great video of the event, so we’d like to thank her for it!