Halloween Hair and Photo Contest

Halloween Hair and Photo Contest by Alli&Ali Designs
Halloween Hair and Photo Contest

Welcome to our big Halloween hair treasure hunt 1st October to 31th October! This event features original hairstyles by Alli&Ali Designs that are not for sale anywhere, and are mostly in colors suitable for Halloween costuming.



This is actually 2 events in 1.  See below for complete details.

1. Treasure hunt:

Go to the Server with all locations here:


  • Touch the server sign that looks the image to the left.
  • Look in chat for all locations and click the links to teleport and find the treasures. They are little pointy black hats, which you touch to receive the gift.
  • You can do this every day during the treasure hunt time and get different random presents from each location, so for getting them all, visit each location until you collected all 20 hairstyles! :-)
  • Presents are no transfer, only for the eager hunters to use.
  • If you click a present which gives no text in chat or no present to you, you may have accidently muted Alice Klinger, so best to do is send an IM with “hi, just unmuting all is ok, thank you”.
  • Then try again another day! There is a total of 20 presents, so if you click all locations daily you should with a bit luck have all of them within just 2 days, so no need to panic if you accidently missed one, just try again the other day.

2. Photo Contest:

  • Take some great picture of yourself wearing any of the Treasure Hunt Prizes (hairstyles).
  • Store the pictures on your computer, no need to upload them to SL for this, so it cost nothing.
  • Best entries will be published on our blog and possibly a youtube video will be created so that you can also show your friends outside of SL how awesome your avatar looks :-)

How to submit an entry:

  • Then fill in your avatar name,
  • use subject “foto contest “,
  • upload your picture¬†(you can submit several pictures, but need to submit a new contact form for each entry).
  • !!! If you can, please also submit the name and creator of other items you are wearing on the foto. We will publish the information. Like so: Skin name: :GP: Acorn [Dark] Yum 2-Blackberry 1, Creator: Gala Phoenix etc..
  • When done, enter the code below the contact form and click “Submit”.

That’s it!

We would love to see many of you participating in this fun event and hope you have much fun!