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Spring is here, and it is the time of the year for flowers and being outside.  At Alli&Ali we have some new hairstyles to greet the new season.

For the ladies we have an updo style called Angelica. It is more of a casual updo and features a colorable hairband accessory.

Our second style this week, also for the ladies, is another casual updo style called Carlotta. This one is capable of being used in formal and informal settings, from parties to meetings to working, and features customizable color streak options.

Our third new style this week is a mid-length style called Shirley. This one fits in formal and informal settings.

For the guys we have a new addition to our popular Stanley hairstyle.  This one features optional silver streaks on the sides, or a single silver streak at the top.  In addition, the streaks can be removed.

As usual, these are discounted at 50% for all Alli&Ali group members for one week only starting today at our mainstores (links below).

The mainstores can be found at Wonderland Beach, and Long Beach.

Join the Alli&Ali group on Second Life for new release notices, goodies, and specials!

If you have any questions, contact Alice Klinger or Allison Selene inside Second Life, or send us an email by using our contact page.

Visit our new mainstore in Second Life to find more hairstyles:

The Mainstore

Our Xstreet store.

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